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Flush and Flow are your local bath, sink and toilet drain unblocking service. We’re professional, friendly, and on hand 24 hours for emergency toilet unblocks, sink drain unblocking and more. Don’t let drain blockages inconvenience your day to day life, get in touch with Flush and Flow now.

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Local Toilet, Bath & Sink Unblock

Blocked Sinks

Have you noticed bad smells coming from your sink or that your water isn’t running as quickly as it once did? This could be signs that a more permanent blockage may have occurred, getting it sorted early is always a good idea.

Blocked Baths

If you have a blocked bath we have the equipment and knowledge to get it unblocked and flowing again. There are many reasons why you could have a blockage in your bath. Don't let any of them inconvenience your household.

Blocked Toilets

Having a blocked toilet is no small inconvenience! Especially if you are a single toilet property. Sometimes, what looks like a blocked toilet can actually be a bigger issue. We'll stop the issue at it's source and get your toilet operable again. So you can rest assured.

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Got to say, I’m absolutely chuffed with Flush and Flow Drainage. Jordan is professional, friendly and doesn’t charge a call out fee! 👍
Blocked Drain Reviews on Google - Flush And Flow Drainage
Ian Berryman
I had tried to unblock my drain myself. It had gotten to the point where it was very urgent and I'd tried everything!! One phone call to Jordan, he was round my house within a couple of hours - and job done. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend.
Blocked Drain Reviews on Google - Flush And Flow Drainage
Will Baker

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Bath blockages are an issue that often cannot be helped, as most of the blockage stems from hair. With regards to blocked sinks, food and oils are the main culprits, as after time oils solidify and food debris gets clogged. 

With the correct equipment and knowledge, unblocking a toilet can take less than 20 minutes. However, we may find a bigger underlying issue. In which case, more extensive drainage action would be recommended.

Costs for blocked toilets, baths and sinks:

If the blockage is local to the appliance and there is no bigger (more severe) underlying issues, then a standard Flush and Flow toilet unblock will cost £80.

Flush and Flow drainage also covers blocked urinals and urinal unblocking services for local businesses, so that you can maintain high standards for your customers and staff alike.

Jordan Milman of Flush and Flow Drainage Bedfordshire

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