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Find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions in the drainage industry.
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Whether it’s a broken toilet, leaking tap, CCTV drain inspection or any blockages; We charge absolutely zero call out fee! The cost of our work will also be explained on site, and only undertaken if you’re agreed. There’s no hidden costs.

Yes, that’s right! We’re on hand 24 hours of the day to take emergency plumbing and drainage calls. Our quick response times are one of the reasons we’re at the top of our game in domestic drainage & blocked drains services.

It’s simple. We believe in fairness. Flush and Flow isn’t a large corporation, so we’re not here to make millions of pounds in turnover. We’re supporting local families like our own, so we will only charge you fair prices.

In many cases, blockages in drains will occur due to items being flushed down the toilet (such as sanitary items, dental floss, nappies), or disposed of down the sink (food, oil, grease, fat). Over time, this will build up and cause blockages. However, drains can also become blocked because of structural damage. At Flush and Flow Drainage, we’ll be able to find out the root cause of your blocked drain and get it sorted. Flush and Flow Drainage covers blocked drains in Bedford, Bedfordshire. Give us a call for emergency response.

Do you have a sneaky suspicion your drains are blocked, but you’re not 100% sure? Here’s 4 easy signs to look out for.

How to tell that your drain is blocked: 

  1. Unpleasant Odours
    – Drain blockages tend to produce foul smelling odours. Often due to food waste, debris slowly decomposes which creates a bad smelling drain.
  2. Slow Drainage
    – If you have a blocked pipe, water will drain slowly. The water has to flow around the blockage, so it will be considerably slower.
  3. Raised Water Levels
    – One of the easiest ways to detect a clogged drain is if you notice any rises in water levels, for example when you flush your toilet.
  4. Gurgling Sounds 
    – If any strange gurgling sounds are heard from drains and plug holes, this could be a sign of a blockage. The gurgling sound indicates that there is trapped air in the drain, and is escaping when you run water.
For more information, read our article on How To Know When Your Drains Are Blocked

In general, as a homeowner, you are responsible for unblocking any drains within your property boundary such as, beneath your house, garden, and driveway. These are classed as private drains. Any drains which do not share pipes with your neighbours are your responsibility to unblock. 

More information can be found on Anglian Water & Citizens Advice

On average, our drain unblock services start from; £80 depending on the type of blockage, whether it’s exterior or internal etc. At Flush and Flow, we charge on a cases by case basis. The reason we do this is because it is impossible to see the full picture of your blockage, until we have inspected it. By charging in this way, it allows us to provide a fair price – we’re not going to charge you a high fixed price if the job doesn’t justify it!

Drain jetting is the most effective way of clearing drain blockages. Water is stored in tanks and run through a high pressure hose with a jet nozzle. Whilst, drain rods are good at clearing a blockage close to a toilet for example, a drain jetting hose can reach much farther down the pipe, meander around close bends and produce far more force on stubborn blockages.

Specialist drain jetting hoses are more powerful, can negotiate tight bends in pipes, and thus provide a more efficient, longer lasting clearance that a DIY kit simply cannot achieve. Hiring a professional drain jetting service also won’t just unblock your drain, it will deep clean your pipes as well – which reduces the chances of waste products gathering and returning as a blockage again in the future.

The difference between a drain inspection and a full CCTV drain survey is; A survey provides you with a more detailed, documented, and in depth explanation as to the condition of your drains. CCTV drain surveys can be used as proof for homebuyers, and small businesses, for example. Whereas an inspection provides you with reassurance and peace of mind, in the event of a blockage.

There are many reasons why you would need a CCTV drain survey. For example, if you have a returning blockage in your drains, you may suspect that there could be a more serious underling issue, you may be a new homebuyer, or you may have been asked to provide one from your home insurance company.

To find out more, read our article on What is a CCTV Drain Survey?

Our CCTV drain surveys start from £135. However, prices do range depending on the size of the survey. This usually reflects on the size of your property.

Bath blockages are an issue that often cannot be helped, as most of the blockage stems from hair. With regards to blocked sinks, food and oils are the main culprits, as after time oils solidify and food debris gets clogged. 

With the correct equipment and knowledge, unblocking a toilet can take less than 20 minutes. However, we may find a bigger underlying issue. In which case, more extensive drainage action would be recommended.

Costs for blocked toilets, baths and sinks: 

If the blockage is local to the appliance and there is no bigger (more severe) underlying issues, then a standard Flush and Flow toilet unblock will cost £80.

Flush and Flow drainage also covers blocked urinals and urinal unblocking services for local businesses, so that you can maintain high standards for your customers and staff alike.

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